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The Past and Present of the Ancient Tea Horse Road

The Ancient Tea Horse Road is an international trade passage in the southwestern region of China used for economic and cultural communications. Horses were the main means of transportation on the Tea Horse Road...


Lecture on the Origins of the Great Divergence

Professor Jan Luiten van Zanden will deliver a lecture called “New quantitative economic historical research on the origins of the great divergence” on 17 April at the EHESS, Paris.


Call for Papers-World Economic History Congress

The International Economic History Association (IEHA) will hold its seventeenth World Economic History Congress (WEHC) in Kyoto, Japan from August 3rd to 7th, 2015.


Photos of the 1st GDRI International Conference

November 29-30 2013, GDRI project held its first international conference in Paris EHESS. More than 30 scholars from China, Hong Kong, Japan, France, Israel, the Netherlands, Britain and other countries participated.


First International GDRI Conference Program

1st GDRI conference «Origins of Globalisation and the Great Divergence: Trading Networks and the Trajectory of Economic Institutions—Europe-Asia, 1500-2000» was held in Paris, 29-30, November 2013.

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