GDRI-EurasiaTrajeco Launches its Official Newsletter Service

The International Research Network in Comparative Economic History, a GDRI research programme hosted by CNRS and coordinated by Professor François Gipouloux, announces the release of a bimonthly newsletter on the EurasiaTrajeco website. The brand new GDRI service will cover the latest conference arrangements, introductions of new books and summaries of professors’ speeches. In addition, the GDRI newsletter will arrange interviews with several world-renowned professors to share their insight on economic history in the Eurasian region.

In 2013, the GDRI project was approved by the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS, France). It aims to study and analyze the developmental trajectories of economic institutions and business practices in Europe and Asia in an effort to discover the extent of trade practices within and interactions among economic institutions outside this region. In this project, the development of economy is examined with knowledge in history and other related fields to see the evolution of economic institutions on different layers. EurasiaTrajeco aims to make the blueprint of the global economy’s development. It also aims to build a bridge between the scholars from Asia and Europe by reporting on their cooperation in research disciplines like economic history, historical geography, law studies and anthropology in the Western Europe, the Middle East and the Central and East Asia.

As of today, the project has attracted more than ten institutions: School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS, France), Fondation de la Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (France), École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (France), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (China), Chinese University of Hong Kong (China), International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (Malaysia), London School of Economics (England), Sun Yat-Sen University (China), Tel Aviv University (Israel), University of Tokyo (Japan) and Xiamen University (China).

The newsletter (No.1) can be downloaded as PDF through this link: gdri newsletter


Editorial staff

Chi-han Ai (Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University, Canton)
Shu-jun He (Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University, Canton)
Yao-qi Li (Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University, Canton)
Aurélia Martin (EHESS, France)
Yu-ning Yang (Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University, Canton)

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