Lecture on the Origins of the Great Divergence

Professor Jan Luiten van ZandenIn the seminar The origins of globalization and the divergence between Europe and Asia hosted by Professor François Gipouloux, Professor Jan Luiten van Zanden (Department of History and Art History, Utrecht University) will deliver a lecture called “New quantitative economic historical research on the origins of the great divergence” on 17 April, from 11AM to 13PM at the EHESS (Room 681, 190 Avenue de France, Paris).

Professor Jan Luiten van Zanden is a membre of the GDRI project, his research is mainly focused on economic history. He is the author for a number of books, including:

Zanden, J.L. van (2009). The Long Road to the Industrial Revolution 9789004175174_p0_v1_s260x420, 1000-1800. Leiden: Brill.

Zanden, J.L. van, Howarth, S., Jonker, J.P.B. & Sluyterman, K. (2007). Geschiedenis van Koninklijke Shell, 1890-2007. Amsterdam/Oxford: Boom Publishers/Oxford U.P.

Zanden, J.L. van & Prak, M. (2006). Towards an economic interpretation of citizenship. The Dutch Republic between medieval communes and modern nation states. European Review of Economic History, 10(2), 11-47.

For more information about Professor Jan Luiten van Zanden and his publications, please go to http://www.uu.nl/hum/staff/JLvanZanden/0


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