First International GDRI Conference Program

 1st GDRI conference «Origins of Globalisation and the Great Divergence: Trading Networks and the Trajectory of Economic Institutions—Europe-Asia, 1500-2000» was held in Paris, 29-30, November 2013. This conference aims to undertake the first large-scale investigation on a set of economic institutions which have been crucial to the achievement of economic development in Asia, in Europe and in middle east: business partnerships, share-holding companies, maritime insurance, the bill of exchange, sophisticated accounting methods, among others. The main purpose of the conference is to conduct a systematic comparison of the trajectory of peculiar economic institutions and business practices in three different environments. It will draw on the analysis of an unpublished set of private documents, local gazettes, stone inscriptions, prescriptive narratives and legal archives relating to economic development and merchants’ memoirs and genealogies over a period from the 16th through the 20th centuries. At this second time, it will be held in October 2014.

There are four themes of the conference:

  1. Methodological issues: the relevance of comparative economic history Europe-Asia.
  2. Business organisation and company history
  3. Capital pooling and accounting methods
  4. Ways of capital accumulation and profit outcomes

In this conference, interdisciplinary will play a strong role, because it will mobilise often disconnected disciplines (History, economy, business history, anthropology, historical geography) and introduce a comparative dimension. Therefore the conference would like to create a plate form to invite researchers and professor related to the conference theme to share their research and perspective and to promote the academic exchanges.

This conference is part of a project named GDRI directed by Professor François Gipouloux which has been awarded International Research Network status by the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique for four years from 2013.

The program of the conference which included the title of the research paper and the invited professor would be download : Program GDRI conference Paris


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