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The name “EurasiaTrajeco“ of the blog embodies the comparison between developmental trajectories of economic institutions and business practices in Europe and Asia. This website is established under the GDRI research program, International Research Network in Comparative Economic History in English (hereafter referred to as GDRI, the french abbreviation for “Groupe de recherche international”). The main purpose of the GDRI is to discover the extent of exchanging and borrowing practices produced by traders in different areas in the Eurasian with economic institutions outside this region. Ten institutional partners are currently involved in the GDRI program.

The trajectories of economic institutions will be seen as different layers within a comprehensive single process of economic development that incorporates historical and comparative dimensions. This comparison framework will provide a firm foundation for scholars who specialize in economic histories, history of geography, law studies, and anthropology in the Western Europe, the Near East, and the East Asia.

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